Prosecutor General Shokin said that Yanukovych's involvement in the murder Euromaidan participants was established 02/08/2016 12:02:14. Total views 1350. Views today — 1.

The investigation of the criminal proceedings against ex-President Viktor Yanukovych comes to its end, his involvement in the murder of participants of the Revolution of Dignity is established. Prosecutor General of Ukraine Viktor Shokin said this on the air of the Inter TV channel on Sunday evening, - reports Zerkalo Nyedyeli.

"The case is almost finished. It is clear that he led organization of murders on the Maidan through his people," - said the head of the GPU. The Prosecutor General also expressed confidence that sooner or later the fugitive president would come before the Ukrainian justice. "As soon as the war in the east is over - and I hope it will be over - the mind and the principles of international law will prevail and we can get Yanukovych to Ukraine," - said Shokin.