Everyone who comes to "election" in "LNR" will be given $1.5 11/06/2018 14:37:51. Total views 971. Views today — 0.

Lugakom separatist mobile operator attracts residents to the "voting places" on November 11 with a promise to issue everyone $1.5 top up voucher. This was reported by the self-described "general director of the Lugakom company Eduard Yegorov", - separatist media write.

"Every citizen of the "LNR", who voted on November 11 at the election of "head of the republic" and "deputies of the people's council", will be able to get a $1.5 top up voucher from the Lugakom "republican" mobile operator in the framework of the "Show the power of your vote" action, - he voiced a simple way to increase the presence in the illegal "election".

It is easy to get this scanty fee for participating in this farce, - Yegorov explained. Lugakom representatives in branded clothes will be on duty near each "voting place". "You just need to come to our representative and get a $1.5 top up voucher. The mechanics is quite simple", - he told.