A third of potential presidential candidates are persons involved in criminal cases - expert 10/26/2018 16:22:56. Total views 1026. Views today — 0.

Ten potential candidates for the presidency of Ukraine are involved in criminal cases. This was said at a briefing in Kyiv today by chairman of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine All-Ukrainian non-governmental organization Oleksiy Koshel today, - correspondent of OstroV says.

"Now we already have 31 politicians who have declared their intentions to take part in the election. Looking their biographies, it is possible to state that a third of potential presidential candidates are involved in criminal cases of the NABU, Prosecutor General's Office and SAP. This is quite an interesting phenomenon when politicians are trying to give their criminal cases, where they appear, a political complexion", - he said.

He noted that ten politicians are involved in criminal cases and the NABU has a number of questions to two of them.

"Among those politicians who have declared their intention to participate in the election, there is a well-known fugitive Oleksandr Onyshchenko. There are politicians who were or are in pre-trial detention centers, these are Nadiya Savchenko, Roman Nasirov and Mikhail Dobkin", - Oleksiy Koshel explained.

"In fact, the NABU may become the main promoter of presidential candidates", - he said.

Oleksiy Koshel also noted that similar situation may repeat with the 2019 parliamentary election.

"Then we will see the "parties" of Nasirov, Onyshchenko and Nadiya Savchenko, who will take an active part in the parliamentary election", - the expert said.