"Defects revealed". The occupied Luhansk region will be disconnected from light and water at the weekend 10/24/2018 13:52:49. Total views 1078. Views today — 0.

Residents of the occupied Luhansk region will be left without electricity for one and a half days due to repair work at the substation. This was stated in the so-called "Ministry of Fuel and Energy" of the terrorist "LNR".

The repair will be carried out at the Pobeda 500 kW substation, which provides almost the entire occupied territory of Luhansk region with electricity.

It is noted that due to the beginning of the heating season and inclusion of heat utilities in the operation of enterprises, as well as lowering the ambient temperature, electricity consumption has increased, "resulting in defects on the high-voltage line, which require urgent and repairs".

To that end, from 10 p.m. on October 26, 2018 to 8 a.m. on October 28, 2018, this line will be disconnected. Approximately, the repair will last 1.5 days.

The occupation authorities warn that during the repair period, they will be able to provide electricity only to socially important facilities: fixed telephony, hospitals, emergency services, food processing enterprises and large supermarkets.

The power of electricity is not enough to start the pumps that provide water to the occupied territory, so the "LNR" residents are asked to provide themselves with a few days' supply of water.

The boiler houses will be stopped too, that is, houses will remain without heating.

This is not the first blackout in the occupied Luhansk region. As previously reported, occupation authorities of the "LNR" have already cut off electricity on October 6-7 because of repair work at the same substation.