Tymofiy Nahorny was to create a pro-Russian party on the instruction of FSB - SBU 10/22/2018 13:42:04. Total views 997. Views today — 0.

The security service states that businessman and public figure Tymofiy Nahorny was to create a political party on the instructions of the FSB to promote the interests of Russia. This was reported during the briefing by head of the SBU of Kyiv and oblast Oleh Valendiuk, - Ukrayinska Pravda reports.

"On the instructions of curators from the FSB, the public figure was to create and develop a political party as a tool for promoting the foreign policy interests of the Russian Federation and element of destabilizing the situation in Ukraine", – he said.

According to investigators, the political force of Nahorny should have taken part in the election.

Its lobbying for Russia's interests should have been to prevent Ukraine from joining the EU and NATO, and raise the question of granting Russian the status of state language.

The SBU claims that Nahorny was recruited by the Russian Federal Security Service.

Ukrainian law enforcement officers showed videotapes where the businessman allegedly tells how he was detained and recruited in Moscow. The suspect has been communicating with Russian intelligence services since 2013.