Fire at ammunition depot in Chernihiv oblast was fully extinguished - Ministry of Defenсe 10/11/2018 11:54:14. Total views 712. Views today — 0.

Fire in the sixth ammunition depot of the Ministry of Defence near Druzhba settlement (Ichnia district, Chernihiv oblast) has been completely extinguished, - press service of the Ministry of Defense reports.

"As of 9 p.m., single explosions remain at two close-burning sites with a frequency of 1-2 explosions per hour, which do not carry a threat to settlements located near the arms depot", - Colonel Oleksiy Chornobai, head of the communications and press department of the Ministry of Defence noted.

The AFU units, together with the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, continue to extinguish focal points of smoke contamination and afterglow.

Mine clearing parties clean up the area near arms depot of explosive objects.

Let us recall that because of the explosions, more than 12 500 people were evacuated from the city of Ichnia and 30 nearby settlements located in the 16-kilometer zone.

As Deputy Chief of the General Staff Radion Tymoshenko reported earlier, the most probable cause of explosions of ammunition at arms depots in the Chernihiv oblast is sabotage.