Joint Forces cleaned up a village in the gray zone, having advanced 1.2 km without breaking the Minsk agreements 10/10/2018 15:41:24. Total views 995. Views today — 1.

Ukrainian Armed Forces have secured one of the villages in Volnovakha district of Donetsk oblast located in the gray zone. The Joint Forces Operation HQ reported this on Facebook.

"The village, in which 80 people lived before the war outbreak, remained empty during the four years of war. Civilians left it, because the occupants, despite the Minsk agreement, went into the village, robbed houses and kept people in fear. After the settlement became empty, the militants hid in abandoned houses and attacked from there positions of the Ukrainian army", - the message reports.

It is noted that in order to prevent unwanted provocations, the Joint Forces conducted a special operation to clean up the village, having advanced 1,200 meters forward, demining the approaches from the Ukrainian side, and set secret posts and barriers.