Khodakovsky scares Pushilin with the fate of Yanukovych 10/08/2018 16:29:20. Total views 1079. Views today — 0.

The creator of the Vostok terrorist battalion, Alexander Khodakovsky, hints that the current leader of the “DNR”, Denis Pushilin, can repeat the fate of the fugitive ex-president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovich. He wrote about this in social networks, commenting on his removal from elections of the “head of the republic” and the likely non-alternative victory of Pushilin.

He reproached the future head of the occupying administration with the fact that in his statements he says little about the expansion of the "DNR" to the entire territory of the Donetsk oblast.

“Look, less than half a year has passed, but we are no longer talking about seizing Kyiv, we even do not mention reaching the administrative borders of the oblasts. The notorious “trend” has quickly changed – now everyone only talks about integration (to Ukraine - OstroV). Although some speak about its impossibility, others about its likelihood - they are not discussing victories over the Kyiv regime, not glorious campaigns for the Donbass, but returning to Ukraine", - he wrote,

Based on this, Khodakovsky predicts dissatisfaction with Pushilin and does not exclude that the current "head" may suffer the same fate as the fugitive Yanukovych.

“In the middle of 2013, nobody suspected that at the end of the year, the power of Yanukovych would be gone... So we will see what happens next”, - Khodakovsky commented.