Borodai about the "nationwide election" in the "DNR" 10/03/2018 13:29:52. Total views 736. Views today — 0.

The election of leader of the "DNR", appointed by the Kremlin, has nothing to do with the democratic process of expressing people's will and, in fact, the winner has already been determined. This was openly stated by former head of the occupation authorities of the "republic", Russian political consultant Alexander Borodai in an interview with one of the Russian media.

"Why do we still have a number of people who do not understand the meaning of existence of the Donetsk People's Republic, have no idea of such a simple concept as discipline? Pushilin? Then Pushilin. That's all, full stop. So, we support Denis Pushilin. So said so done. Such a choice means such a choice", - Borodai defined the "meaning of existence of the DNR" that way.

He is confident that "head" chosen "in this way" will not be fair, but there is hope that he will be an effective leader. "We are not talking now about moral issues, clean hands and other "white gloves". We know fully well that unfortunately, politics and economy are not being done in white gloves. We are now talking about efficiency", - Borodai forewarns what waits for the residents of occupied Donbass, who "disciplinedly" voted for Denis Pushilin.