#FreeAseev. Donetsk journalist has his second birthday in captivity of militants 10/01/2018 12:41:04. Total views 1206. Views today — 1.

Journalist Stanislav Aseev (Vasin) has his second birthday in captivity of the "DNR" militants in occupied Donetsk.

Former deputy Yegor Firsov calls on officials and politicians to make efforts to release Aseev from captivity. He recalled that today, the journalist has a birthday, and he is still "in the damp and cold cellar of the Isolation plant, where he is being kept".

Firsov initiated the action #FreeAseev on his Facebook.

"Birthday is a good reason to remind everyone about Stas, write a few words about the journalist who stayed in Donetsk so that we could know the truth, for which he paid with his freedom. The smallest thing that I can do on this day is to address officials, politicians and all who it can depend on once again - free Stanislav Aseev! Exchange as many as you want to 1, agree on ransom, connect all available opportunities, but free him. This is the simplest thing that each of us can now do for Stas. Remember him and tell the others. Join the action #FreeAseev Let's help Stas", - he wrote.

As previously reported, the connection with Donetsk blogger and author of the Radio Liberty's project "Radio Donbass. Reality" Stanislav Aseev, known under the pseudonym Stanislav Vasin, disappeared on June 2, 2017. In July, representatives of the "DNR" formation confirmed detention of the journalist and allowed him to meet with his mother. On August 17, 2018, Russia-24 TV channel" showed a program in which Stanislav Aseev confirmed that he allegedly worked for Ukrainian intelligence. It was his first appearance since the moment he was detained.

Reporters Without Borders international organization condemned Russia-24 TV channel for the interview with Donetsk journalist Aseev.

According to information received from his former classmate, ex-deputy Yegor Firsov, in early July 2018, Aseev went on a hunger strike.

It became known in September that coordinator of the humanitarian subgroup of the Tripartite Contact Group, the OSCE Ambassador Tony Frisch was able to meet and talk face to face with journalist Stanislav Aseev.