Russian media jumped the gun. Kuchma will still act as TCG representative 09/28/2018 15:46:58. Total views 1050. Views today — 0.

The Russian media spread information that the second president of Ukraine and the representative of Ukraine at the negotiations of Minsk Leonid Kuchma, allegedly resigned from his post today. This was reported by TASS with reference to the representative of the Kuchma Foundation.

"Leonid Kuchma decided to leave this post", - the source said.

However, today in Kyiv, Kuchma announced only that he intends to withdraw from this process in the future when he reaches the critical age.

"I have already made a decision for myself. When I reach my critical age, I will have to thank everyone who worked with me there (in the TCG), and leave, give an opportunity for others to work", - L. Kuchma told on Friday, Interfax-Ukraina quotes.

The second president of Ukraine stressed: "I will have to stop at some point in future... When I reach a critical age, I have to make this decision. When I come home, I have to rest after these meetings for two days, and before each meeting I must take a sedative pill... It is hard when you know that there is no result, when you know that we are taking a decision to declare a truce on September 1, but it is not being implemented", - Kuchma said.

He recalled that he has been working at the TCG on a voluntary basis for more than four years.

"Up to a hundred trips to Minsk, and every meeting behind closed doors... and when you know that there will be no serious results. You know that the other side comes with pre-prepared answers", - he said.

Kuchma noted that a lot of criticism is heard about the Minsk process, and "there are no interested people, since this is not a beneficial position".