"DNR" authorities assure that people are poisoned with drinking water "temporarily" – because of the deterioration of water supply networks 09/28/2018 13:55:59. Total views 844. Views today — 0.

Experts of the Water of Donbass enterprise have called the deterioration of quality of drinking water in the occupied part of Donetsk oblast temporary. This is stated in the report of the press service.

Water of Donbass noted that the quality of water deteriorated for a number of sanitary and chemical indicators: turbidity, color, smell and iron content.

At the same time, the enterprise associated deterioration in the quality of drinking water in the occupied cities of Donetsk oblast with deterioration of water supply networks.

"Temporary deterioration in the quality of drinking water in sanitary and chemical indicators in the city's distribution networks is associated with almost 80% deterioration of the networks of centralized water supply and poor status of the intra-house networks", – the experts report said.

At the same time, it is not clear from the report why the situation with the deterioration of quality of drinking water, which has already led to mass poisonings in Makiivka, is called "temporary". Water of Donbass did not announce plans for reconstruction or construction of new water supply networks. The experts only assured that the filtering stations of the company have a stock of necessary reagents for a normal water cleaning regime.

As previously reported, a mass poisoning of the residents of Makiivka occurred as a result of poor quality of drinking water. The "DNR" authorities tried to conceal this fact, but a large number of people, more than 100 people who applied for help, forced them to recognize serious problems in providing water to local residents.