"DNR" leader ordered to create a commission for determination of causes of mass poisoning with water 09/28/2018 12:52:07. Total views 1071. Views today — 0.

The "DNR" leader Denis Pushilin has ordered to create an "inter-departmental commission" in order to establish the facts and causes of drinking water poisoning of the residents of Makiivka. This is reported on the Telegram-channel controlled by him.

"The task of the commission is to establish the facts and causes of cases of diseases of the citizens of Makiivka who applied to health facilities with signs of poisoning in September 2018, as well as to check the level of inter-agency cooperation in case of emergency situations", - the report said.

As previously reported, at least 87 residents of occupied Makiivka were hospitalized with symptoms of poisoning presumably with drinking water. Information on the exact number of victims is carefully hidden by the occupation authorities, but they are forced to admit that poisoning with drinking water is of a massive nature.

Earlier, local residents reported in social networks that the water in Makiivka had a clear chemical odor.

Only on Wednesday, the occupation authorities acknowledged that the problem really exists, and several dozen people from Makiivka, including children, applied to the doctors with subsequent hospitalization.

"According to preliminary data, the reason for the poisoning is insufficient disinfection of drinking water. In connection with the lack of chlorine in the relevant services, disinfection was carried out partially with the use of manganese", - the report of the occupation authorities said.