It was told in the "DNR" how Basurin disrupted "the AFU attack near Mariupol" with his tongue 09/14/2018 14:46:30. Total views 816. Views today — 0.

The "DNR" propagandists were forced to admit the falseness of their statements about the massive offensive of the JFO troops in the Mariupol direction, scheduled for September 14. This was stated by author of this insinuation Eduard Basurin.

"According to our intelligence, the offensive of Ukrainian army on the "DNR" in southern sector of the front, scheduled for September 14, was move to indefinite term", - the self-proclaimed "deputy commander of the operational command" said.

As previously reported, for several weeks, all the same Basurin and his associates formed panic moods of local residents in the occupied part of Donetsk oblast, having frightened them with a massive offensive of the AFU. OstroV knows cases when elderly people, having seen enough of Russian and local television, refused to travel to the free territory of Ukraine to reissue their pensions, fearing the resumption of hostilities.

Now Basurin says that Ukraine refused to attack "under international pressure". In addition, the militant and propagandist assures, the unveiling of allegedly cold-blooded plans of Ukes has forced the JFO command to abandon their implementation. "All projects of the Ukrainian command were initially well known in Donetsk, what deprived the AFU of the surprise factor and brought the entire plan for preparing the units for launching the offensive to naught", - comrade Basurin tries to steal the credit for the disruption of the hypothetical offensive.