"They do not disarm, but withdraw weapons". Prilepin's Battalion was "pressured" in occupied Donetsk 09/14/2018 12:50:18. Total views 899. Views today — 0.

The notorious "Prilepin's Battalion" was forced to pass to the control of the fake "DNR MIA" in occupied Donetsk. This is reported by the eyewitnesses in social networks.

"One of the battalion's available officers (in the fashionable hotel Prague – OstroV) confirmed the presence of armed outsiders in the base territory, and gave details of what was happening. "We are not being disarmed, we are being pressured into a special operations regiment, which goes under the management of the MIA, and we wanted to get under the control of the Corps. Commander of the battalion Sergey Fomchenkov ("Fomich") and chief of the staff were dragged off somewhere, they said that to the brigade commander. It is rumoured that they want to remove the battalion commander since they have their own one. We are waiting for the results from the battalion commander. When everything will be clear, we will make decisions. It is still unclear what gamesmanship is happening", - the words of one of the battalion's militants are quoted in social networks.

According to him, someone blew up a grenade in the courtyard.

Another one, familiar with the situation of network users, writes: "We did not hear that the Prilepin's Battalion being disarmed. We heard that they were withdrawn weapons as part of the reforming process (not to be confused with the crackdown of some militants)".

According to the latest information, "Fomich" gave the order to lay down arms and pass to the control of the fake "MIA".

As previously reported, Russian mercenary Prilepin served as adviser to the "DNR" leader, and also called himself deputy commander of one of the terrorist battalions.

He stated that his battalion committed many war crimes. "I know for sure that in several places, people were not happy with us at all, we have our own statistics on our work, but we will wait for their statistics, so as not to be unfounded. I think we, and I personally, have enough for any Hague, - he admits. At the same time, the Russian mercenary presumptuously believes that "now even the most zealous Kyiv propagandists perfectly understand that no one will ever judge us". At the same time, there is no information about the real victories of the unit. Even the "comrades in arms", that is, the "DNR" militants, repeatedly noted that the "Prilepin's Battalion" is a "theatrical", solely propaganda formation. The separatists assure that Prilepin and his battalion did not take part in armed hostilities, and numerous photos "from the front" are staged and untrue.