After Zakharchenko’s liquidation, his "personal guard" is controlled by Russian officers 09/10/2018 17:01:19. Total views 778. Views today — 0.

After the liquidation of the leader of the "DNR", the units, that were subordinated personally to him and his accomplice "minister of incomes" Alexander Timofeev ("Tashkent"), almost completely got under the control of the Russian command of the so-called "army corps". This is reported by the Russian mercenary of the "first wave" Alexander Zhuchkovsky in the social network.

"At last, the units under the command of the former DNR head, Tashkent, and other leaders, began to be reassigned. "Legion" detachment (of the Ministry of Emergency Situations) and the "Vityaz" (of the Ministry of Transport) are finally going to be the part of the army corps", - he said.

According to Zhuchkovsky, the remaining detachments of the "personal guard" will be reassigned to the "corps" or fake "Interior Ministry"/"Ministry for state security" in the near future.

"Thus, the problem (the existence of private paramilitary formations), which could not be solved for several months, is now being solved in a matter of days", - states the Russian mercenary.

As previously reported, the command of the so-called "army corps of the people's militia" is carried out by Russian officers who are illegally staying in the occupied territory.