Acid emissions in occupied Armyansk are continuing (Video) 09/06/2018 11:48:00. Total views 841. Views today — 1.

Emissions in occupied Armyansk continue to leak, - the Crimean website Primechania informs.

The "authorities" of the annexed Crimea said that to stabilize the situation in Armyansk, the acid storage of the Crimean Titan plant will have to be filled for seven months. Only fresh water is suitable for this, from the deficit of which the whole region suffers. In the meantime, emissions in Armyansk continue, residents film toxic fumes and post the videos in social networks. The residents of the town also complain about the poisonous morning dew.

"There is an opinion that after the plant is completely shut down and the acid storage is filled with water, the situation will improve immensely. There are several options: first, we determine the composition of the water from the Karkinitsky Bay for chloride content. We need to understand what kind of interaction will take place with this acid not to worsen the situation. It can be filled only with fresh water", - the so-called "head of the Crimean Council of Ministers" Sergei Aksyonov said yesterday.

At the same time, he specified that it would take five months to supply water to the source of emissions, another two will be spent on installing the pipes.

The leakage at the Titan plant happened on the night of August 24. Since then, citizens have been complaining of an oily, rust-colored coating settling on cars, roofs and other metallic objects. The authorities of the annexed Crimea assured the residents of Armyansk that everything was okay and promised to conduct an investigation. At the same time, the authorities are forced to begin evacuating children.

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