DNR propagandists awkwardly wrote off houses near Horlivka burned because of burning grass as shelling by AFU 09/04/2018 18:43:20. Total views 852. Views today — 1.

Press service of the Donetsk regional administration has denied the fake about use of incendiary shells by the AFU in the area of Horlivka of the occupied part of Donetsk oblast.

The "DNR" propagandists accused the AFU units in shelling residential areas of Zaitseve village with incendiary shells and destruction of 5 separate houses as a result.

"In order to divert attention from the preparations for an offensive in the Mariupol direction, the AFU soldiers fired incendiary ammunition at Zaitseve village", - this information with the reference to "operational command of the DNR" was actively spread in pro-Russian and Russian media.

According to "head of the (occupation – OstroV) administration of the settlement" Irina Dikun, five houses and two outbuildings along Yesenina Street were burnt as a result of the shelling.

As it turned out, the houses and buildings really burned down. However, the reason turned out to be more prosaic. "In some settlements of the Donetsk oblast in an uncontrolled territory, there really were fires, but the cause of their occurrence is spontaneous fires in the fields, and not the result of firing by the Ukrainian military. As a result of the lack of appropriate steps to extinguish fires by representatives of the pro-Russian forces, the fire spread to residential buildings", - a statement of the press service on behalf of the Donetsk regional administration and civil-military administration said.

The leadership of the Donetsk oblast asks to draw the attention of the region's residents to the unreliability of information spread by the occupant's propagandists.

It is revealing that various departments of the "DNR" did not agree on the information that formed the basis for the fake on shelling by the AFU.

Thus, the "Ministry of Emergency Situations of the DNR" claims that the fire on September 3 began at 12:03 and lasted until 18:48. In addition to the burned houses and buildings, mention is also made of the grass burning: "2 hectares of dry grass were destroyed on Karbyshev Street. The cause of the fire is being established". Obviously, the separatist rescuers would have noticed the fact of shelling the seat of fire with incendiary shells if there had been one.

At the same time, the non-existent "representative office of the DNR in the JCCC" "noticed" the shelling and indicated it in their report. Truly speaking, according to them, shelling in the direction of Zhovanka – Zaitseve was allegedly recorded between 16:30-18:00. That is, even if we admit that the JFO fighters did fire back in this direction, it happened 3.5 hours after the rescuers of the DNR reported a fire that affected 5 houses in the village of Zaitseve.

Thus, the "DNR" propagandists were too lazy to give the cause to effect credibility to the fake.