Regular echelons with armored vehicles from the Russian Federation. Commanders are waiting for Moscow's order to attack - social networks 08/29/2018 16:24:26. Total views 609. Views today — 0.

An unprecedented amount of armored vehicles has been delivered to the occupied Donbass from Russia, which, in anticipation of the offensive, is reliably disguised from observers. This was written in a social network by Nikolai Vulich, a person, who says that he is familiar with the operational situation.

According to him, echelons with heavy armored vehicles arrive every 2-3 days, everyone is occupied with unloading, they even make civilians do that.

"At the Melova station near Sabivka, the unloading of heavy armored vehicles is in full swing. The platforms with the equipment arrive on a regular basis once every 2-3 days. The amount is unbelievable. Even railroad workers from the Rodakivka station help on site", - he wrote.

According to the separatist, "the strengthening of the people's militia (bandit formations in the occupied territory – Ostrov) is in full swing, the vehicles are transferred to places that even the CIA will not find them, everything is camouflaged and reliably hidden".

He is sure that such a massive transfer of the Russian arms to the occupied Donbass is indicative of an imminent attack on the Ukrainian positions, which will be ordered directly from Moscow.

"A rumor began that Russia finally decided to implement the idea of ​​creating Novorossia. All top commanders are waiting for an order from Moscow for the beginning of the offensive", - Vulich hopes.

"All the occupied territories of the LNR could be returned to the Republic by the New Year time. Then Russia will recognize us as their territory", - the separatist hopes.