The average income of IDPs is one-third lower than the subsistence level and continues to decline - a survey 08/15/2018 15:45:32. Total views 896. Views today — 1.

Average income of IDPs in Ukraine is less than $77 per month. This is evidenced by the data of the last round of the survey conducted by the International Organization for Migration and the United Nations Migration Agency, OstroV’s correspondent reports.

According to the survey, the average income of IDPs continues to fall since 2017. As of June 2018, it decreased to less than $77 per month. For comparison, the actual subsistence minimum, calculated by the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, in June 2018 increased to $126.

The most problematic issues identified by IDPs were the lack of own housing (28%) and lack of money (18%).

The majority of IDPs continue to live in rented housing: 48% live in rented apartments, 10% in rented houses and 4% live in rented rooms.

"The decrease in the income level, which may be due to the deterioration of the employment situation, deepens the social vulnerability of IDPs in the long term", - said Thomas Lothar Weiss, head of the IOM office in Ukraine.

The survey was conducted in June 2018. 2406 respondents were interviewed personally and 4006 - by phone.