"Postman" from the "DNR" came up with the idea how to deliver goods from China through Russia 08/07/2018 15:17:06. Total views 1119. Views today — 0.

The "DNR" stated that residents of the unrecognized "republic" can order goods from foreign online stores. This was announced by Denis Neudachin, who calls himself "general director of the state enterprise "Post of Donbass", - the separatist media write.

"We mean, above all, China and the most global and popular Internet store AliExpress", - he said.

The possibility of delivery to the occupied territory of goods, ordered from famous online stores, was presented as a great victory of the postal department of the “republic”. "The implementation of the service was a difficult task and it cost the enterprise a great effort. Nobody in the Donetsk People's Republic can offer such a service, except for Post of Donbass", - Neudachin boasted.

However, such statements do not mean that AliExpress and other online trading sites are ready to send goods to the territory beyond the control of the lawful authorities, as they are trying to present in the "republic". For example, it is impossible to make an order with delivery to occupied Donetsk on AliExpress.

The "secret solution" is simple: to be able to place an order, an anonymous tenant of the PO box in Kuybyshevo village in the Rostov region of the Russian Federation (bordering Ukraine), is indicated as the recipient. As an additional information, the address of the customer in the occupied territory is indicated. Thus, it turns out that someone, perhaps a representative of the fake SE "Post of Donbass", fetches the goods from Kuybyshevo, illegally transfers them through an uncontrolled section of the Russian-Ukrainian border and delivers to the real customer.

In order to completely disguise the smuggling of goods to uncontrolled territory, the customers are ordered not to indicate the city and the country where they live, it is recommended to state only postal index. Thus, the fact of sending the purchase to the unrecognized "DNR" is not registered - it was officially received in the Russian Federation. In Kuybyshevo village...