The Kremlin ordered the "DNR" leader to release sentenced to long terms Russians who fought for militants - a journalist 08/07/2018 13:10:36. Total views 1049. Views today — 0.

The Kremlin ordered the authorities of the "DNR" to cancel convictions for Russian mercenaries, who were sentenced by the "courts" of the terrorist "republic". This is written by the Russian journalist Georgiy Aleksandrov, who earlier told about the fate of hundreds of Russian mercenaries who came to the Donbass to fight for militants, but were "convicted" in the "DNR" for various reasons.

As reported, Novaya Gazeta published a journalistic investigation, in which Aleksandrov spoke about the fate of Russians who first killed Ukrainians as part of an illegal military formation, and then were "convicted" for long periods of time for illicit arms trafficking, property seizing and banditry.

After the article provoked big resonance, a lawyer of one of the Russian mercenaries told Aleksandrov that the "DNR" began to cancel "sentences" and release Russians from prisons.

"Sometimes (rarely, but sometimes) you get a childlike joy from your work. I was just contacted by a lawyer of one of the guys who is kept in the DNR. He wrote the following: "After your articles in the Novaya Gazeta they began to cancel sentences. My client with a 20 year of imprisonment sentence today was notified of the cancellation of the verdict. He called his former commander and he replied that the Kremlin had ordered to review the cases of Russians", - wrote the author of the scandalous article.

"It is not in vain", - the journalist was happy that marauders and murderers, who fought in a foreign country on the side of terrorists, began to go free.