Prosecutor General's Office and SBU have completed the investigation of the Savchenko and Ruban case 08/01/2018 18:03:21. Total views 787. Views today — 1.

The Prosecutor General's Office and the Security Service of Ukraine completed the investigation of criminal proceedings against Verkhovna Rada deputy Nadiia Savchenko (non-factional) and the head of the Officers Corps Volodymyr Ruban on suspicion of terrorism. A source in law enforcement agencies informed Ukrainski Novyvy about that.

According to the source, the suspects and their lawyers were allowed to get acquainted with the case materials, after what they will be submitted to the court for consideration.

As previously reported, the Main Military Prosecutor's Office intended to complete the investigation of criminal proceedings against Savchenko and Ruban before August 6.

On March 8, Ruban was detained at a checkpoint in Donbass with an arsenal of weapons. Ruban is suspected of preparing armed attacks on the highest state officials, preparing a terrorist act with the use of weapons and explosions that could pose a threat to life and health of people. On March 9, the Kyiv court arrested Ruban for 60 days without the right to bail. On May 4, his arrest was extended for two months - until July 2.

One of the figurants of the "case of Ruban" is the People's Deputy N. Savchenko, who had previously intended to take him on bail. Currently she is also under arrest, after the MPs agreed to this.