The leader of the "DNR" did not appear in public. His press service assures that everything is fine 07/27/2018 15:56:00. Total views 1042. Views today — 0.

The leader of the "DNR" Alexander Zakharchenko once again did not appear in public, and his "subordinates" reported that he held a closed meeting with the "ministers". This is evidenced by information released by the separatist media.

Thus, the militants posted information that on Friday the leader of the "DNR" allegedly met with fake "ministers" and representatives of public utilities. The terrorist's press service quotes Zakharchenko's words that they should not let prices for public services to rise for the population.

It is noted that the meeting was closed for journalists. No photos from the event have yet been made public, and the news is illustrated with an archive photo.

Such secretiveness looks strange against the backdrop of recent rumors about the dissatisfaction of the Kremlin with the leader and his soon resignation. In addition, users of social networks write that Zakharchenko was wounded near Avdiivka.