Militants denied the SMM OSCE patrol access to the occupied village because of the raid conducted there 07/27/2018 15:00:14. Total views 1170. Views today — 1.

The militants did not allow the patrol of the OSCE mission to visit the occupied village of Starolaspa, motivating it with the conduct of the census. This is stated in the daily report of the OSCE SMM.

At a checkpoint on the eastern edge of Starolaspa, two armed members of the armed formations prevented the SMM from proceeding, saying that “a census is being conducted in the village”.

Apparently, apart from the illegal "census", the reason for the Mission's non-admission to the village was the deployment of weapons prohibited by the Minsk agreements. “On 25 July, the SMM saw four multiple launch rocket systems…. and a towed howitzer (D-30) being towed by a truck on the eastern edge of Starolaspa (51km south of Donetsk)”, - the report said.