"Treason". Poltorak deprives all military ranks of colonel from Odessa because of theft of 200 tons of fuel 07/24/2018 17:44:15. Total views 652. Views today — 1.

Minister of Defence of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak has deprived head of the 46th Joint Provision Center of Armed Forces of Ukraine Yevheniy Korol of all military ranks because of the revealed abuse. He stated this at a briefing in Kyiv today.

"I regard the actions (theft of fuel, - OstroV) of the 46th separate provision center of the AFU and officers who must control them, as treason… I made the decision, and I would like to bring it in order head of the 46th Joint Provision Center Colonel Yevjeniy Korol to be deprived of the rank of colonel and all officer ranks, right to pension provision and right to use medical facilities of the Ministry of Defence", - he stated.

He also noted that he personally handed over the documents to the military prosecutor with a request to start criminal proceedings on the fact of unsatisfactory attitude to the official duties and on the fact of losses caused to the warehouse.

The head of the Defence Ministry also deprived head of the fuel and lubricants warehouse of the 46th Joint Provision Center Lieutenant-Colonel Andriy Mosunov of the military rank, and also fired senior officer of the fuel and lubricants supply department, Lieutenant-Colonel Vadym Izvarin "because of incompetency".

"He was on the base the day before sending the commission, carried out verification and did not see a shortage of 206 tons of fuel", - Poltorak said.

The minister also downgraded head of the department for storing fuel and lubricants of this center, Major Oleksandr Dalio and Colonel Ruslan Kubal.

Earlier, the Ministry of Defence exposed a shortage of more than 200 tons of diesel fuel on the military warehouses of the 46th joint provision center in Odessa.