More than a thousand confiscated cars with European number plates were handed over to the military in Donbass 07/24/2018 13:49:17. Total views 1085. Views today — 1.

More than a thousand confiscated cars with European number plates, detained at the border for smuggling, were transferred free of charge to the military in the Donbass. This was stated by the director general of the state platform CETAM, specializing in problem assets, Viktor Vishnyov - 112.ua reported.

According to Vishnyov, the confiscated cars are placed on CETAM for sale. If the car could not be sold for three trading sessions, and this property was previously charged to the state, the car gets to the commission for a free transfer.

"In this case, we have a practice of free transfer of a car to another owner. In all regions of Ukraine, commissions have been set up, including representatives of fiscal and executive services", - the general director said. According to him, in this way, medical, social institutions, military units, as well as institutions of the penitentiary system, family-type children's homes, charitable foundations, state bodies can receive those cars.

"During the whole period of work, about a thousand vehicles were transferred to the ATO military units, but cars are also given to orphanages and medical institutions. Our army is often given priority because it often suffers from a shortage of vehicles, which are "on the frontline", with the military taking cars in any condition, repairing them themselves", - he said.

In addition to cars, other property is transferred to the military.

"20 778 units of various property for the amount of $920 thousand were transferred to the AFU and directly to the ATO area from 2016. Last year, a large number of backpacks and sleeping bags (about 1 thousand units) was seized by customs at Boryspil airport. They were transferred to the central warehouses of the Defense Ministry, and were distributed among the military units", - Vishnyov said.