Commander of Joint Forces sees "good chances" that war in Donbass may end quickly 07/13/2018 12:56:12. Total views 1080. Views today — 0.

Commander of the Joint Forces Serhiy Nayev believes that there are good chances of a quick end to the war in the east of Ukraine. He said this in an interview with Vysoky Zamok.

Commenting on the possibility of escalation in the Donbass after the completion of the World Cup in Russia, Nayev expressed the opinion that a large-scale war is "unprofitable" for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"If such signs are, I will be aware of this right away, but Putin does not benefit from a large-scale war. His goal is to leave Ukraine in the sphere of his influence. It is advantageous for him to blackmail Ukraine using the Transnistrian scenario, which is why he started the conflict in the east", - the Commander of the Joint Forces noted.

He believes that Putin made a "catastrophic mistake": "he made the whole nation his worst enemies, the enemies of the Russian state".

"Remembering what sacrifices this war brought, Ukrainian people will never forgive this and will take revenge. Putin involuntarily pulled together and tempered the Ukrainian nation", - Nayev is convinced.

Answering the question whether there are chances that the war in the Donbass may end quickly, Nayev said after a pause: "I think there are good chances that the war may end quickly".