SE Myrnohradvuhillia’s miners picket department of the State Treasury in Myrnohrad 07/11/2018 17:27:32. Total views 1000. Views today — 0.

The miners of the Myrnohradvuhillia state enterprise picket the management of the State Treasury Service in Myrnohrad. This is reported by the chairman of the Independent Trade Union of Miners Mykhailo Volynets on Facebook.

Miners of the three mines belonging to the said state enterprise stopped their work due to unpaid salary arrears.

Earlier there was information that $1.8 million had been allocated from the state budget to pay off arrears on wages at the Myrnohradvuhillia state enterprise, however, the miners cannot get money, - Volynets says.

The miners went to picket the local administration of the State Treasury Service, which, in their opinion, delays payments.

"The employee of the department came out to the protesters for several minutes and said that they still did not receive confirmation from Mariupol to allocate funds, because there is no connection due to damage of the Ukrtelecom cable in the Zaporizhia oblast. Now, the doors of the department are closed. The miners do not believe in such explanation, because their colleagues from the SE Selidovuhillia, which is also located in the Donetsk oblast, have already received funds from the state budget.

Therefore, the miners of the Myrnohradvuhillia state enterprise will not stop their rally and will not start working until they receive money", - Volynets wrote.