Building of the Donetsk Muslim cultural centre has been sealed 07/04/2018 14:30:42. Total views 857. Views today — 0.

The Muslim cultural centre in the occupied Donetsk has been sealed, - the OSCE SMM report says.

"In Donetsk city, the SMM followed up on media reports of a raid by the armed formations on a Muslim cultural centre at 2 Berestovska Street in Kalininskyi district. The SMM found seals reading “sealed on 21 June by the investigation department of the ‘Ministry of State Security’” in Russian affixed to the centre’s doors", - the report says.

Earlier, the fake "Ministry of State Security of the DNR", operating in the occupied territory of the Donetsk oblast, announced the identification of a "pseudo-religious organization of Islamist persuasion" in Donetsk.

In that building, the Donetsk Muslim cultural centre and a number of organizations, including the Muslim religious community Duslyk (Commonwealth), the office of the Alraid, the public organization Al-Amal, the school of the Arabic language and the Islamic culture were situated.