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During June 26, Russian-occupation troops violated the ceasefire five times, two of which were with the use of weapons prohibited by the Minsk agreements. There were no casualties among the servicemen of the Joint Forces over the specified period. The Joint Forces control the situation, firmly keep the captured objectives, continue to strengthen them and consistently adhering to the Minsk agreements, - the Joint Forces Operation headquarters reported.

Russian artist Katrin Nenasheva told on Facebook how the armed militants of the "DNR" tortured her and another person, whom she did not name. According to Nenasheva, the incident occurred about a month ago. The artist and the young man were taken by "policemen" in the center of Donetsk. After the interrogation, the "masked people" put black bags and handcuffs on them, put them in a truck and took away. Nenasheva and her companion were tortured and abused. According to Nenasheva, it lasted about eight hours. As a result, Nenasheva was told that all this time she was allegedly rescued from the murder by the SBU officers. Her counterpart "counterespionage of the DNR" was considered the SBU agent and possible killer, so they even mocked him more. However, the young people were taken to the border with Russia and released after this.

The situation with crossing of the line of demarcation along the Horlivka-Bakhmut corridor after the rebuilding of their Horlivka checkpoint by militants only worsened. This is reported by eyewitnesses in social networks. The eyewitnesses, in particular, described innovations at the checkpoint as follows: "They did not start to let pass faster", "I do not understand at all, are they real sadists???? How this can be – several hours in one place!!!"," We were not passed today! Come back!!! I want to share the impressions of the "refurbished" DNR post! It is bad beyond belief!!! We left at five a.m. by car, stood in a preferential queue. We stood up to 11 a.m., did not become closer at all…".

The residents of occupied cities of the Donetsk oblast are warned about the increase of the fare on the city bus routes, - separatist media report. Thus, the occupation administration of Khartsyzsk reports an increase in the cost of transportation services for passengers on city bus routes of general use by $0.03 from July 1. A similar message appeared on the website of the occupation administration of Makiivka. It was earlier reported that from July 1, the fare will increase in fixed-route taxis in occupied Donetsk. Now the journey costs $0.13-0.14 (depending on the route).