Zaitsevo checkpoint in Donetsk region will temporarily stop work as of February 3rd 02/01/2016 17:15:39. Total views 1521. Views today — 0.

Zaitsevo checkpoint will temporarily stop work as of February 3rd. Chairman of Donetsk Regional State Administration Pavel Zhebrivskyi announced it on his Facebook page.

"Well, the decision on further workof the Zaitsevo checkpoint has been made. Today there was a meeting with the head of the ATO Headquarters. After consulting, a joint decision on the temporary closing of Zaitsevo checkpoint as of Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016 was made ", - he wrote.

Zhebrivskyi notes that in recent days the militants fired at the checkpoint with weapons, prohibited by the Minsk agreements, including 82 mm and 120 mm mortars.

"In connection with the real threat to life and health of civilians, in order to avoid repetition of the situation with the shooting at the passenger bus last year in Volnovakha it has been decided to suspend temporarily the work of the checkpoint. The work of the checkpoint will be resumed only after the stabilization of the situation and complete cease-fire as otherwise people, who are forced to cross the line of demarcation, may be affected,"- wrote Zhebrivskyi.