Religious scholar Kozlovsky, former prisoner of the "DNR", was left without a Ukrainian pension - MP Ryabchyn 06/22/2018 15:02:54. Total views 1156. Views today — 0.

Religious scholar Ihor Kozlovsky, who in December 2017 was released from the cellars of the "DNR", was suspended of pension payments. People's Deputy of Ukraine Oleksiy Ryabchyn wrote that on Facebook.

"I found out that the Pension Fund ceased to pay pension to our religious scholar Ihor Kozlovsky, former prisoner of the "DNR". In May this year, along with Iryna Gerashchenko, he traveled to Brussels and London, where he testified about his captivity experience and told about Russia's crimes in the occupied territories. As he was explained, the reason for the suspension of payments was that he, as an IDP, had left the country. He is currently undergoing a procedure for the renewal of payments, but after his next trip abroad, the situation may happen again", - the deputy reports.

Ihor Kozlovsky told OstroV that in May he made short three-day trips to Brussels and London. In April, he spent a week in the UAE. In March, he spent 5 days in Prague. "These are mainly business trips (speeches, meetings, participation in round tables, etc.)", - the scientist explains.

According to him, the termination of pension payments is explained by a Cabinet Resolution, according to which if an IDP has crossed the Ukrainian border, the pension is stopped to be paid.

"I am now restoring the pension payment, but there are new trips ahead, which means new problems with pensions (documents, applications etc.)", - Kozlovsky ​​predicts.

As previously reported, the pension payments are suspended if an IDP leaves the territory of Ukraine (or travels to an uncontrolled territory) for more than 60 days.