State Border Service has a scenario of responding to provocations of Russia in the Sea of Azov 06/19/2018 17:30:45. Total views 604. Views today — 0.

Ukrainian border guards have worked out a scenario for responding to every provocation of the Russian Federation in the Sea of Azov. Speaker of the State Border Service Oleh Slobodian reported this on the air of 5 Kanal, - LIGA.net reports.

According to him, measures to counteract and respond to possible provocations are being worked out by Ukraine in general within the framework of the sector.

"That is, the Navy and Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as other interested units and law-enforcement authorities, are involved in this, therefore, every response to the provocation of the Russian Federation in the Azov is worked out or is being worked out", - Slobodian noted.

He stressed that it is necessary to understand the peculiarities of the Sea of Azov and features of military equipment that is being redeployed by Russia. "The Sea of Azov is in fact difficult for naval operations, because it is shallow, the currents change drastically. In principle, professional seamen give a low rating to the general success of any naval operation on the Azov", - Slobodian said.

The Speaker of the State Border Service stressed that the fact that the Sea of Azov is small in its basin should also be taken into account. "In fact, it is controlled by surveillance equipment and possible actions can always be preempted. First of all, missile cruisers can strike from a great distance, and the second position is more psychological pressure", - Slobodian noted.

He added that border guards are constantly monitoring the situation. "We cannot exclude any scenario, including a negative one, with such a neighbor as Russia. We can recall the Sochi Olympics in 2014, active hostilities against Ukraine began immediately after the end of the Olympics", - Slobodian added.