Coffins with mercenaries who died in Donbass are brought to Russia every week – Borodai 06/06/2018 12:32:03. Total views 704. Views today — 0.

Coffins with mercenaries from the Russian Federation, who died in Donbass, are brought to Russia every week. This was told by one of the founders of the "DNR" terrorist organization Alexander Borodai on the air of one of the propaganda channels.

Answering the question about how many militants are dying as a result of confrontation with the AFU, Borodai replied that according to his inaccurate data, the daily irreplaceable losses of the "DNP/LNR" illegal armed formations are 2-3 persons.

"I can say that the daily average is usually 2-3 HR. As the head of the Donbass Volunteer Union (organization that supervises the dispatch of Russian mercenaries to the Donbass – OstroV), I do not have all the statistics of the dead. First of all, I focus on the Russian volunteers (mercenaries – OstroV)… And so we have today 1-2 HR a week, which must be exported from there to bury in Russia", - he acknowledged.