Ossetian commander of Pyatnashka terrorist battalion "Mamay" was liquidated near Donetsk 05/18/2018 11:11:20. Total views 950. Views today — 0.

Oleg Mamiyev (callsign "Mamay"), the commander of the terrorist battalion Pyatnashka, was killed near Donetsk, the Telegram channel WarGonzo reported.

The reasons for the death of "Mamay" are very vague. Allegedly, late in the evening, "he conducted the rotation of his fighters in the Avdiivka industrial area" and died "as a result of AFU’s shelling from grenade machine gun".

"Doctors fought for the life of Pyatnashka’s commander, but his head injuries were deadly", - writes close to the separatists WarGonzo.