Donetsk Filtration Station's work once again stopped after shelling 05/18/2018 11:50:24. Total views 841. Views today — 0.

The operation of the Donetsk Filtration Station, on which the water supply to a number of settlements on both sides of the demarcation line depends, was once again suspended on Thursday evening after the facility came under fire, the press service of Ukraine's State Emergency Situations Service said.

The operations at the Donetsk Filtration Station were halted at around 9:50 pm on May 17 after a shelling attack damaged an electrical control room in the chemicals section's building.

As of 7:00 am on May 18, water is supplied to the front-line Avdiivka by gravity.

Water supplies from the Donetsk Filtration Station are expected to be restored on Friday.