The Verkhovna Rada gave consent to detain and arrest Sergey Klyuyev 01/28/2016 19:28:52. Total views 1661. Views today — 1.

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine gave consent to criminal prosecution, detention and arrest of Sergey Klyuyev – reports RBK-Ukraina.

Criminal prosecution of the people's deputy was supported by 231 parliamentaries, detention and arrest by 228 Rada deputies.

Thus, the Rada supported submission of the General Prosecutor of Ukraine.

After that, the VR speaker Vladimir Groisman announced the closure of the evening plenary session.

Earlier, the Parliamentary Committee on Procedure Rules recommended to parliament to make its own decision regarding the arrest and detention of Klyuyev.

In early December, the GPU handed the parliament a modified and more detailed submission of the arrest of the people's deputy Sergey Klyuyev.