Another "ex-minister" arrested in the "DNR". Separatists say "at the request of Ukraine" 05/04/2018 11:20:37. Total views 840. Views today — 1.

Fake ex-minister of transport of the "DNR" Semen Kuzmenko was arrested in occupied Donetsk. This is reported by the supporter and ideologist of separatism Roman Manekin in the social network.

"I do not know much. Semen was detained near his house, quite professionally, without any noise. They put him in a white van, possibly Opel. According to preliminary data, they were the employees of the special subdivision of the Ministry of Income and Fees. But at the moment, apparently (in any case, it should be so), the prosecutor's order for arrest has already been obtained", - he writes.

Then Manekin lists the militant's merits. "Active participant of Anti-Maidan. Participant of the liberation of Horlivka. One of the organizers of the referendum on the independence of the DNR on May 11, 2014. The Minister of Transport of the DNR since May 16, 2014. The youngest minister of the DNR, he was directly involved in the work of international commissions for a downed Boeing, the organizer of transportation in the most difficult conditions of economic blockade", - he recalls.

"I AM ABSOLUTELY SURE that in this case, we are dealing with the DIRECT ORDER of the Ukrainian side!", - sums up Manekin, regretting that "there are no official reports on the arrest of the minister".

Later in the comments, he said that he managed to call the detained, as he said, ex-minister, without specifying his current "status". "I have spoken with Kuzmenko. Information on the detention was confirmed. But the psychoemotional state of Semen is stable. He has internet access, so he may tell you the details by himself if he finds it necessary".