After a four-year curfew, the "DNR" authorities frighten with the introduction of such a restriction in Mariupol 05/02/2018 14:52:09. Total views 1144. Views today — 1.

The "DNR" authorities spread unverified information that the curfew is going to be imposed in Ukrainian Mariupol. This is written by separatist media with reference to the words of a certain trade union activist.

According to the "DNR" propagandists, the representative of the trade union movement of machine builders of Ukraine stated the strengthening of control in Mariupol by the Ukrainian security officials.

"The information about the curfew introduction started to be spread in the city. It is rumored that the restriction will be introduced in the near future. Even as we speak, we toe the mark. The police is watching everything", - he allegedly complained to the separatists.

The occupation media reported the rumored news as an almost accomplished fact: "The trade union movement of machine builders stated the imminent introduction of the curfew in Mariupol". At the same time, it was said nowhere that the curfew has been in force in the occupied territories of Donbass for more than 4 years.