Traitor-judge, convicted in the "DNR" for 6 years, fled to the free territory of Ukraine - separatist media 05/02/2018 13:14:55. Total views 1151. Views today — 0.

The fake "supreme court" of the "DNR" has sentenced the so-called "judge of the interdistrict court of Donetsk" to 6 years in prison, - the website of the pseudo-republic said.

It is noted that the "court" considered the "criminal case" on charges of a certain A. Korniyenko, who previously held the position of judge of the Budennovsky interdistrict court of Donetsk, ruled "to convict him of committing crimes as provided for in part 1 of article 360 of the Criminal Code of the DNR (illegal sentencing, decision or other judicial act) and impose him a six years imprisonment penalty".

At the same time, it is noted that after the institution of criminal case on the fact of his illegal sentences, this judge violated the written undertaking not to leave the place and fled to the free territory of Ukraine.

After the occupation of part of the Donetsk oblast, Ukrainian judge Andriy Korniyenko remained to serve the militants and was appointed to the position of "republican judge" by the "decree" of the "DNR" leader. The traitor was included in the base of Myrotvorets.