More than 90 people's deputies-millionaires rent housing at the expense of state - Committee of voters of Ukraine 04/27/2018 16:21:33. Total views 964. Views today — 0.

More than 90 people's deputies-millionaires have received compensation from the state for payment of housing or hotel room in 2017, - the Committee of voters of Ukraine reports.

Of all the 175 deputies who received compensation, 92 have cash assets in the amount of more than one million hryvnia (or equivalent) according to the data of electronic declarations of people's deputies for the last year.

The largest percentage of millionaires who received compensation is in Revival group - 33% (8 deputies out of a total of 24). The richest deputies of the group to whom the funds were paid: Yevhen Heller ($6.6 million of cash assets), Yuriy Shapovalov ($1.7 million), Artem Ilyuk ($953 thousand), Anton Kisse ($839 thousand) and Vitaly Barvinenko ($610 thousand).

The next by the percentage of millionaires are non-factional deputies - 28% (15 deputies out of 54): Evgeny Murayev ($3.6 million), Anatoliy Denysenko ($3 million), Boryslav Rosenblat ($1.6 million), Oleksandr Dubinin ($762.5 thousand) and Serhiy Melnychuk ($305 thousand).

Also, about 20% of the millionaires from People's Will (4 deputies), People's Front (17 deputies), Petro Poroshenko Bloc (29 deputies), Self Reliance (5 deputies), Radical Party of Oleh Lyashko (4 deputies), 15% of deputies of All-Ukrainian Union Fatherland (3 deputies) and Opposition Bloc (7 deputies) received the compensation.

"In 2017, the deputies received more than $12.2 million compensation for renting housing, but not all of them really needed these benefits. Officially, the law allows to compensate for renting housing or hotel room for deputies who: a) are not provided with housing in Kyiv; B) their place of residence is at the distance of more than 30 km from the capital. We believe that this procedure should be fundamentally improved. In particular, it should be assumed that the persons who, according to their declarations, have enough finance for independent renting of housing cannot apply for the compensation", - chairman of the Committee of voters of Ukraine Oleksiy Koshel noted.

It is also noted that according to the data of March 2018, 173 people's deputies continue to receive compensation for renting housing.

Electronic declarations of people's deputies of Ukraine for 2017, who received compensation from the state budget for the renting of housing or hotel room, were taken for analysis. All cash assets specified in Chapter 12 were summed up. Foreign-exchange holdings were transferred to the hryvnia. The funds of family members of the people's deputy were not taken into account.