Deputies of the Mariupol City Council ask the Rada to return IDPs the right to vote 04/26/2018 16:37:57. Total views 880. Views today — 0.

The deputies of the Mariupol City Council ask the Verkhovna Rada to amend the legislation of Ukraine allowing to provide IDPs with the right to vote in local elections, the website of the Mariupol City Council informs.

"Mariupol deputies are concerned with this issue, that is why they wrote an appeal to the Verkhovna Rada with a request to make relevant changes to Ukrainian legislation, because about 4% of Ukrainian voters who were forced to leave their homes because of a military conflict, cannot use exercise one of the basic constitutional rights - to participate in elections", - the message says

More than 60,000 temporarily displaced persons live in Mariupol. They have already become full-fledged Mariupol citizens, they pay taxes to the local budget, participate in landscaping, city events and show an active civic position.

"Mariupol supports its new residents, in particular, it developed and adopted a number of city programs that make them comfortable in our city. People are learning to live in a new way and have chosen Mariupol as their home. Our goal is to create comfortable conditions for their life and development", - Secretary of the Council Stepan Mahsma stressed.