Parubiy found the possibility of agreeing with the IMF while not raising tariffs in Ukraine 04/20/2018 12:26:10. Total views 1103. Views today — 0.

Adoption of the law on the Anti-Corruption Court by the Verkhovna Rada, taking into account the recommendations of the Venice Commission, as insisted in the International Monetary Fund, may give a chance to agree on a phased or postponed tariff increase in Ukraine. This was stated by Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Andriy Parubiy on the air of the talk show The Right to Rule, UNN reports.

"If we succeed in adopting the law on the Anticorruption Court, taking into account the key findings of the Venice Commission, we will have a chance to agree on a phased approach or postponement of tariff increases, and we are actively working on that", - he said.

At the same time, Parubiy added that relevant negotiations are being conducted with the IMF and other partners of Ukraine.

As previously reported, the IMF noted that during the consideration of the bill on the Anti-Corruption Court in Parliament, it is necessary to take into account the amendments, which will help to bring the final text of the law into full compliance with the obligations and recommendations of the Venice Commission of the Council of Europe.

In addition, the IMF said that Ukraine must fulfill its promises to harmonize gas prices from the market within the framework of a $17.5 billion loan program.