"DNR" militants assure that three civilians were wounded at the Ukrainian checkpoint near Marinka. 04/19/2018 16:11:25. Total views 1126. Views today — 0.

The fake "representation of the DNR in the JCCC" stated that "today, near the Marinka checkpoint, a shootout took place between the servicemen of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and nationalist battalions on the territory, controlled by Ukraine. Civilians, who at that moment were getting in the minibus near the Ukrainian zero roadblock, got under fire from small arms”. As a result of the shelling, according to the terrorists, three civilians were injured:

- Kameneva Svitlana, a resident of Horlivka;

- Kravchenko Halyna, a resident of Makiivka;

- Aliev Ramiz Mamed-Ogly, a resident of Starobesheve

The victims were taken to the hospital.

It is not specified why, if the shelling took place in the territory under Ukraine's control, the wounded were taken to medical facilities in the zone of occupation.

Meanwhile, social networks users write that civilians were injured on the side, not controlled by Ukraine. Allegedly, the victims crossed the line of contact through the checkpoint Olexandrivka on the western outskirts of Donetsk.

Later the militants of the "DNR" refused the version of the "shootout between the soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and nationalist battalions" and traditionally accused Ukrainian snipers.