Authorities of terrorist "DNR" actively prepare menfolk for "military training" 04/19/2018 14:26:40. Total views 1210. Views today — 1.

The "DNR" authorities are actively preparing the menfolk for "military training". This follows from the roll call of residents of the occupied territory of the Donetsk region in social networks.

In one of the public, workers of various enterprises write that they received a call-up paper to appear in the "military registration and enlistment office".

It is allegedly about "military training", which, according to the residents, are scheduled for April 24, 2018 and will last 21 days.

Moreover, the personnel department requires officially employed men to bring a copy of the military card in order to make a certain list for the "military registration and enlistment offices".

As previously reported, leader of the "DNR" terrorist organization Alexander Zakharchenko ordered to begin preparations for the so-called "military training" of the reservists. The decree "On holding military training camps for citizens remaining in reserve" states that its goal is "the formation of a reserve in the period of the growing military threat". The occupation "administrations of cities and districts" were instructed to develop a plan for organizing interaction with the departments of the "military registration and enlistment office". The citizens were promised to retain their jobs and wages "for the period of their participation in military training". The fake "Ministry of Internal Affairs" promised that it would render assistance "in searching and delivering to the place of military training of those citizens who failed to attend the place specified in the call-up paper".