ATB chain stores, grabbed for the wife of the "DNR" leader, owed suppliers $11.45 million, turnover fell 7 times - Khodakovsky 04/18/2018 15:13:09. Total views 795. Views today — 0.

Creator of the terrorist Vostok Battalion Alexander Khodakovsky stated that ATB chain stores, grabbed by the "DNR" militants, owed $11.45 million to the suppliers and reduced the turnover by 7 times. He wrote about this in social networks.

"The first republican supermarket owed contracting parties $11.45 million, the suppliers of products in the DNR testify that the turnover was reduced by SEVEN times!!! Now the week is needed in order to collect the proceeds that were earlier collected in a day… And the longer the war, the direr the consequences", - he noted.

He advised to "harbor no illusions" about the development of economy "until the war is over".

The first republican supermarket is the "grabbed" and renamed stores of the well-known Ukrainian chain stores ATB. The company had 152 stores in the occupied territory of Donbass. As Novaya Gazeta wrote in its investigation, according to ATB-Market data, the wife of the "DNR" leader Alexander Zakharchenko, Natalia, gained control over them.