"DNR" propagandists stated that the AFU had wounded five DFS officers with one bullet 04/17/2018 18:04:00. Total views 778. Views today — 0.

Propagandists of the "DNR" stated that the AFU had wounded five DFS officers with only one bullet. This is stated in the message of a non-existent and unrecognized "representation of the DNR in the JCCC".

Representatives of the occupation authorities assure that on Tuesday "a column of cars of the DFS working shift, which was moving along the H-20 highway towards the station, was shelled by the AFU".

Allegedly "on the west side of the road, a fire from small arms was opened, resulting in the wounding of five DFS officers".

The militants specified that as a result of the "targeted fire" one of the bullets hit the iron rail of the bus with workers. "Five people were wounded by fragments of bullet and handrails", - said the occupiers.

The Voda Donbassa company confirmed the shelling of a bus with the Donetsk filtering station workers, and information about five wounded people.

"Today at 15.40, the bus carrying the personnel of the Donetsk filtering station, came under fire and five employees of the company were injured, one of them is in serious condition", - the company's press service said.