"The tactics of small steps". The head of Ukrainian MIA proposed his plan for the deployment of peacekeepers in the Donbass 04/16/2018 15:15:39. Total views 1101. Views today — 0.

Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov proposes the phase-in of peacekeepers into the occupied territory of Donbass. He said this in an interview with Ukrayinska Pravda.

"I have my own plan, it is called "tactics of small steps, which everyone applauds". I do not think that it is possible to reintegrate the whole territory of occupied Donbas at once. There are not enough "blue helmets" to cover the entire territory. Therefore, I propose, conditionally speaking, to retake Horlivka or Novoazovskiy district", - the minister said.

"The plan is this: peacekeepers are deployed on the border of the town of Horlivka or Novoazovskiy district. The border with the occupied territory should be immediately taken under control of both the "blue helmets" and Ukrainian border guards. After the return of this territory to Ukraine, Ukrainian judicial authorities may enter and hold elections in line with our legislation", - Avakov told about his plan.

According to Avakov, it does not matter who wins this election. "It does not matter who will win this election. I am firmly convinced that someone with frankly pro-imperial views will win local election in most cases. But this is not so important in strategic outlook. The main thing is to form a transitional administration based on these new bodies and representatives of the state power of Ukraine elected in line with Ukrainian law. Central authority should come in there along with the Ukrainian police forces", - Avakov specified.

He is convinced that after that, Ukraine should pass the law "on amnesty" and "on collaborators".

According to Avakov, the amnesty should concern each and every "except those who have blood on their hands, who killed our soldiers and participated in repression against civilians".

He sees the law "on collaborators" as something like the de Gaulle law, which was adopted in 1946 in France. This applies to an ordinary person who is forced to live and work in the occupied territories.

"The core is quite simple: we need to determine the degree of compromise. Is the degree of your cooperation with the occupation authorities critical, or did you have such circumstances that you do not deserve blame, and in some cases – despite actions – deserve public forgiveness? This is quite difficult issue, it concerns the level of compromise within the society. This is the life of our people in difficult conditions – and this should be honestly said", - the head of the MIA said.

"But the law "on collaborators" is mandatory because it is necessary to determine the status of each person, to officially establish that they are citizens of Ukraine as anybody else. They are either victims or participant, but not critical though. Or maybe they deserve to be reprobated. If you go to serve in office and work there, then this is either inevitable, or good, or bad. But society has passed the law – and you would not be punished for it. And if you shoot clergymen of a Protestant communion in Sloviansk and bury them in the pit, what actually took place, there can be no compromise: you must be held accountable", - Avakov stated.