"The DPR" started to conscript contract army. 15 thousand rubles a month and full training are promised (PHOTO) 01/27/2016 16:04:07. Total views 1492. Views today — 0.

The self-proclaimed "Donetsk People's Republic" started to conscript the so-called contract army, recruits are promised to be paid 15 thousand rubles. Local residents informed OstroV about the fact that leaflets calling to join the "armed forces of the DPR" started to bed spread in the streets of Donetsk.

OstroV contacted the military enlistment office of the "DPR" and found out that "recruits" are promised 15 thousand rubles per month for service in the ranks of militants.

"Men come to us, collect a set of documents, pass medical examination, we open a profile, they are taken to the republican assembly point. Representatives of military units come and recruits go and serve in the units that need people ... 15 thousand rubles a month, uniforms, three meals a day", - reported military enlistment office of the "DPR".

"The first three months are as in a conventional army, they are trained. They are taught to shoot, run, jump, etc. Then they serve. Theyare also paid 15 thousand rubles for that,"- added to the "military commissariat".

At the same time, employee of the "military enlistment office" said that women could try their hand in the "DPR contract army." To do this, they need to look for job in the units.

"The units have jobs that women can do. If you find one, come and we’ll hire you,"- informed they OstroV.